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Q Dressage aims to provide functional and high-quality clothing and accessories for horse and rider that's also fun, different and as unique as the animal that wears them.


Q_Belt measure guide.jpg

How to Measure for a Belt Size:

The best way to measure for your size belt is around your body where you wear the belt. That is the size belt you need to order. If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number.

Belts are measured by length from where the buckle meets the leather, to the middle hole. The rest of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes. Do not include the buckle length in your measurement.

Please note, belt sizes ARE NOT measured from end to end. You will not get the correct size that way.

Q_Gloves sizes Roeckl.jpg

Find Out Your Glove Size:

Make a loose fist, with the tape measure across your palm. Measure around the base of your knuckles (in centimeters). Do NOT include your thumb. 

Horse Riding Gloves must fit like a second skin, because holding the reigns requires high tactile sensitivity. If you prefer a looser fit, perhaps go up half a size.